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Finance & Mortgage brokers making loans and life easier!
Save money with highly competitive rates, save time with trusted expertise on your side.

Over 20 Years Building Dreams

Finance & Mortgage brokers dedicated to making your life easier!
Save money with highly competitive rates, save time with trusted expertise on your side.

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Our clients ultimately recommend us because we make any loan application process easy.

We quickly answer questions you’ll have when you’re looking to take out a home loan, business loan, vehicle loan or personal loan.

Without any obligation, check out how we work below, we’re here to make loans easy!

Starting a new business, renovating your home, or funds for emergency expenses? Whatever you’re up
for, we will help you make it possible.

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We get things started with a no-cost and easy meeting to understand what you need to achieve and answer all those immediate questions that you have.

This can be completed with you in person, over the phone or we can send you an easy to complete online form!


As soon as we’ve got to know you and understand your unique circumstances, we get to work and research lender and loan options for you to consider.

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Once you have reviewed the options, you may decide to go ahead.

If so, we arrange everything, are on hand to communicate with you and keep you informed every step of the way.

What does PFGA do?

Premium Finance Group Australia is a leading Finance & Mortgage Broker servicing customers based all around Australia. We offer competitive experienced solutions for loans to support customers with greater choice. With a wide range of loans for your home, car, business and personal needs, Premium Finance Group Australia will help you even when others often say it’s not possible.

Our experience with an innovative and flexible approach has allowed us to help many customers, over 20+ years.

What type of loans does PFGA offer?

Whether you’re in the market for a new home, car, personal or business loan, or perhaps simply want lower loan repayments, Premium Finance Group Australia will work with you to find a product that fits your circumstances. 

We have a large panel of lenders that provide a competitive variety of flexible products to help you get the loan that’s right for you.

If you’re simply chasing a great rate and lower repayments, are self-employed or employed, have a low deposit or less than perfect credit history, speak to a PFGA Finance Adviser today about loan options that work for you.

What are our services?

As a Finance Broker, our flexible and ‘thinking outside the box’ approach is a real alternative to the banks, Premium Finance Group Australia acts for you and will leave no stone unturned to workshop and find options that work for you.

Premium Finance Group Australia can support you with a full spectrum of lending solutions for home, car, SMSF, personal and business purposes.